Open letter to ATL city council & the APF


We are extremely concerned at the inaccuracies laid out in the Terracon Cultural Report for the PSTC. 

As per our report that we shared with city council last year, we state how the report “An Historical Analysis Of The Atlanta Prison Farm” written in 1999 by Jillian Wootten is written from the perspective of someone who thought the “Honor Farm” and the old Atlanta prison farm were the same property. This information is false. They are two separate properties. 

The fact that the Wootten report is conflating two separate prisons makes the entire report unreliable and not a valid form of history for the old Atlanta prison farm property, thus making the Terracon report equally inaccurate. 

We have also provided a brief timeline of the prison farm:

P1  Muscogee land

P2  Time as a prison farm to present

Furthermore we have the slave census record from 1860 which states George Key enslaved 19 people, making this land previously a plantation. (see attached)

We demand the city does better and requests Terracon and the Atlanta Police Foundation do a more thorough investigation.



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