Text copied from image (A Old Atlanta Prison Farm entrance and ruins. 561 Key Road. (B City of Atlanta Entrenchment Creek Water Treatment Plant. In operation since 1910. 1510 Key Road. Atlanta Police Department SWAT Facility and Firing Range Firing range in operation at this location since at least the 1960s. 1500 Key Road. D Additional Atlanta Police Department Firing Range. Entrance off Key Road, home to the infamous shot up school bus. E Closed City of Atlanta Landfill - 1320 Key Road. (F Intenchment Creek Park trailhead. Park gazebo, parking lot, and parts of paved, accessible trail destroyed by Ryan Millsap in December 2022. 3251 West Side Place. G Atlanta Radio Control Club also known as the "RC Field". 1600 Constitution Road. (H Metro Regional Youth Detention Center. 1300 Constitution Road. © Metro Transitional Center, formerly Metro State Prison. 1303 Constitution Road. K Shadowbox (formerly Blackhall) Studios - Main Campus. 1415 Constitution Road. L Shadowbox (formerly Blackhall) Studios - East Campus. 3475 International Park Drive. M Shadowbox (formerly Blackhall) Studios - Grove Campus. 3342 International Park Drive. (N Ronald McNair Sr. High School. 1804 Bouldercrest Road. State of Georgia Prison facility for pregnant prisoners and prisoners with medical needs. 1275 Constitution Road.

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