Press Release – Violent White Nationalist Leader Nathan Damigo Works on “Anti-Antifa” Info Project from New Base in Atlanta

Submitted for publication to the Atlanta Community Press Collective
January 25, 2023
Violent White Nationalist Leader Nathan Damigo Works on “Anti-Antifa” Info Project from New Base in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA – Atlanta Antifascists can now confirm that Nathan Damigo, a white supremacist with a history of violence and former leader and co-founder of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, has recently been attempting to dox forest defenders in Atlanta on behalf of the “William McKinley Institute” (WMI) group. Materials from WMI (which also expresses virulent antisemitism) were recently circulated by far-right propagandist Andy Ngo.

Damigo, who helped organize 2017’s bloody “Unite the Right” in Virginia, has relocated to Buckhead, Atlanta according to information on an open records request last year. Damigo also gave a talk at an October white nationalist gathering in metro Atlanta, further corroborating his presence in our city. The address provided by Damigo is owned by Sam Dickson, a longtime racist leader, former lawyer for Klansmen, and real estate speculator who makes his money by exploiting working-class Black homeowners in south Atlanta.

On Saturday, the “William McKinley Institute”–which Damigo helps operate-recorded a protest in Atlanta following the shooting death of forest defender Manuel “Tortuguita” Terán. These materials and the racist/antisemitic WMI’s name were both promoted online by far-right propagandist Andy Ngo.

TJ of Atlanta Antifascists: “The Defend the Atlanta Forest movement, with its deep roots in local Atlanta communities fighting against the construction of Cop City, threatens the financial interests of the corrupt Atlanta Police Foundation, and that sense of threat has resulted in the recent trumped-up “domestic terrorism” charges against protesters. Our definitive proof that violent white supremacists have allied themselves on the side of the Atlanta Police Foundation should lead to more scrutiny of the attempted ‘outside agitators’ narrative attacking DTAF environmental activists.”

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